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A few years back when I was 27 my 16 years old step sister came in the summer to my mother's house for a month because i live near the beach, it was very recurrent distant family members come in the summer because of that. she was very playful and happy and somewhat naive in mentality. we grew close in that period of time mostly because her dad didn't quite know how to talk to a girl of that age and they were kinda offset to one another. long story short after 2 weeks we were always teasing each other in a non sexual way and at that time she said "that cute boys didn't hit on her". you may not believe me but she clearly wanted something with me. i could read the signs, i'm not that oblivious. i said nothing and i did nothing for the remaining days she stayed with me. at the time i didn't think it was a good idea to have sex with her (like a summer love) and i still don't because this is the type of thing that destroys families and life's. but every now and then i think "what if?". my question to you is: should i had sex with her or not?

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  • I would say YES. IF!!! She's 20. But for your own good, DON'T. Because even if she wanted it, even if she initiated, she's not legal. And you know how stupid this world could be! :/ You'll get accused as a child molester.

  • I would have done it. Her dad didn't understand her but you did she wanted to (open up) to you. It's not taking advantage if your on the bottom.

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