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I am not a christian because I feel like going to heaven. I personally don't care much for life after death. I am christian because I feel that being able to treat others with compassion and love is something that I would like to contribute to this world. And to believe it means something much greater

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  • the question is: do you believe in god? if yes, you're christian (well... kinda, there's more to it to define it christian, muslim or jewish). if you don't believe it, you're clearly not! it's nice that you treat others well, but if that's the only reason, consider yourself something else please

  • I clicked the "Judge"-button, because I don't like how you make Christianity sound. Wanting to contribute love and compassion to the world is not dependant on you being christian. It would mean the same if you were saying, people who aren't christian do not have the wish to treat others with respect, love and care. I feel slightly offended.

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