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Back in high school i was a girl who always get picked and bullied on. I don't like fixing myself, no make up, no flashy clothes. And there was this popular guy in school, he was tall and handsome, he confessed that he liked me, i accepted that because i believe that he was different, he said he was and i believed that. I faced all the odds being his girlfriend including did most of his assignments. There was one time some of the girls who liked him dragged me and tried to scare me with "your face will get destroyed more if you dont leave him alone!!" I got scared and cried til i got home but i stand for my love for him. We lasted 8 months til i found out that he was only cheating on me. i cried for straigth 3days. My mom felt sorry and she cried too. It took me months to recover. He was my first boyfriend and when i entered college i started fixing myself studied how to put make up and i observed the latest fashion and trends, an organizer of a pageant offered me to join, i joined and i won. I cant believe it because im not used to being in a crowd. After that i got another offer, i also won. I got a modeling project and asked if i want to be trained as a talent but i turned it down since i want to focus on my study and get my degree. This year by august i will join another pageant, I'm hoping for the best for myself. Last time i heard a news from him, he was kicked out on the university he was studying because he has bad grades. I never felt so happy i feel like slapping his face big time. I want to slap him even more til i see him crawling and asking for help.

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  • Congratulations on your success. But let me just say. I'm only 20 years old, but my grandfather had once said that life is too short to be hating someone or clinging on to the past. You may not forget or forgive, but you need to live on with your life. That's what he told me. But back to you. I think it would be good to just catch up with him. You know, go for a coffee or something. I mean, what if you two were talking, and he just suddenly breaks down into tears cus something had happened with them over the past few years? I think it would be good to just let him know that you are doing fine without him.

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