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I've had a crush on my best friend (we're both guys) for a while now. I know he sees himself as nerdy and anti-social. But theres just so much endearment in how he always listens to my problems and how we can talk for literally hours to each other. I just dont if he feels the same way as i do. One day he told me about how he almost got kissed by a gay person the other night. Ever since then he's been pretty vocal about his homophobia. It was tearing me apart to hear him like that so i just had to tell that i was gay. He was quiet at first but i could tell i caught him off guard. We still talked afterwards here and there but not like before. Its been months now and highschool is over. We dont talk anymore and i really miss him. I feel life and circumstance has robbed me of my dearest friend

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  • Sorry but friendships can't last if theres sexual tension

  • Feel sorry for you. For a moment there I thought, probably he feels the same way but is too shy to tell you... turns out that isnt the case. Hope you find somebody else and get your friend back.

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