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I'm a 19 year old Musilim girl, and wearing veil. Everytime I want to get to know foreign people, they mostly judge me because I'm a muslim. They thought we were terrorist. For God sake the ones that does that is called extremist. They get extreme. Not me. It's so hard for me cause I love connecting with people.

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  • "I love connecting with people / I wear a veil so no one can see me". You're not a terrorist, you just enjoy setting yourself up for failure.

  • yes but you know, people don't know if you are PERSONALY an extremist or no. They don't personaly know you, so it's normal if they're scared at first, because the only to know if you are an extremist or not, it's to know you personaly. I know it's hard for you, but it's normal for people to react that way, it's sad, but it's normal

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