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I actually want a zombie apocalypse to happen because my life is so boring.

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  • Right, because your life will suddenly turn into an action-movie. Dude, this is the real world. Unless you are healthy, fit, know how to use a knife/machete, know basic survival skills, know how to use a gun, have ammunition and a plan for getting out of the city, finding a safe haven and supplies, you are not going to enjoy the zombie apocalypse, because you`ll be dead :) I might survive (MIGHT!) as I worked in a field that demanded I know survival skills in the wild, I know how to use a machete and I have the perfect location, as my family own a holiday house on a patch of land accesible only by boat. Only problem is getting out of the city when shit hits the fan, getting to the holiday house and getting supplies. I already tried making supplies, but dad said I`m crazy, so I had to drop that for now..

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