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I'm from an African country where someone could get killed for just being gay. I used to be just as close-minded but not to the extent of violence though...In 2010 I was 17 and I moved out from home and started living alone in different countries up until presently still. I've lived in Canada, The United Kingdom. Australia, some Asian counties like Malaysia, Singapore and some few more. I've gained a really different perspective of the world, A lot of my personal views changed including that on homosexuals, at the end of the day we're all just human, if we could all learn to accept that we're all different, but in a way somehow universally the same we could be able to see the world from a different view than our personal one, we'd be able to put ourselves in the shoes of those others and ask ourselves what if society's rules were in their favor? My parents would disown me if I ever showed this side of me, i'm a completely straight guy, but I can treat anyone straight or gay or whatever sexuality with respect and dignity all for peace.and prosperity

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  • damn you're country is messed up

  • You are a great person :)

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