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I'm now graduating high school with pretty bad grades. I decided not to apply to college because I know it's not for me. I do a lot on my free time so I'm not really wasting my time but now I'm a huge disappointment to my family, especially my mom. Everyday I have to listen to her insults and comments on how I'll never survive or get to live a life if I don't go to college. It may sound weird but I actually like customer service work and love to see people turn their sour faces to smiles. I've been thinking of starting a business, maybe a cafe or a restaurant. Right now I just want to travel the world and do what I love and see how far that gets me. Maybe I'll redo my bad tests but I just want to leave home and really live.

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  • They don't make stockbroker money but electricians and plumbers are never unemployed and still make really good money. Just don't be a general contractor, they barely make above minimum wage and get worked to death.

  • be brave . do what makes you feel happy . in the end everything will be just fine . been there

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