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If you think bullying is bad, how do you think it feels if your best friend was the bully? She's always calling me names (though jokingly), always repeating the same nasty comments and commenting on the way I dress or act. she doesn't let me be myself And the worst part is that she laughs about it and i just smile back because she's my best friend and i cant end the friendship because to her, it was a joke...help plz.. i don't know what to do

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  • I had a friend like that. She was always overly jealous of everything about me . Since people like that never want to hear anything just try to get new friends who respect you. They most likely won't want to hang out with her, she'll get the hint , hopefully. Good luck , you deserve better!

  • 2 of my ex-best friends did it 2me aswell, i decided to leave them...BEST FCKIN THING EVER! u will get new friends

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