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When i was a kid my parents beat me and at my 8th birthday when my mother beat me with her belt i stopped crying and it was like something died inside me. Since then i have become extremely manipulative and detail oriented. I can look at a person and know their fears and how to use them easily. I did that to my mother and dad and since september 12th 2003 when i was 9 i used them against each other and planted money from my fathers wallet to hers and make my mother believe my father was cheating and made my father believe she was stealing money. They broke up two months later and now i am living with my aunt happier than ever. I am blackmailing three of my teachers. Two have affairs and one is sleeping with a student. Everybody thinks i am an A student and the nicest person in the world.

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  • I used to get beat to im still learning how to deal with it

  • This one of the most evil and desoiciable stories i've read here (apart from the girl who manipulated someone into suicide.Fuck You! You are a bad, worthless person. One day, you'll regret your choises and hell, the years of shame and hate againt yourself will properly punish you for this. (No, I'm not religious. I'm just human.)

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