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It took me two years to get over my ex who properly broke my heart. After the break up I realized that I was definitely this kind of guy who is "too nice". I thought "fuck you guys that's why who I am and I won't change for anybody". I grew up to accept and be proud of the fact that I'm actually a bit too sensitive and that my feelings take over very easily. I didn't even touch or got closer to any girl in those two years but I've managed to be alright with myself and that's what was important to me. And, after being convinced that I'm alright alone, I've met a lot of girl but still unable to have anything with them because I'm not even trying. Except with one, we've been friends with benefit nothing more and I realize that I'm attached to her while she perfectly knows it and actually just plays with me. And now, I'm wondering again if I'm actually alright with who I am, if I'm really over my ex, if I'm not too soft. And in the end I just think that I am definitely too weak.

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  • you loved your ex becouse she was the only one that told you the ugly truth about yourself and your family. the ather girl played with you becouse she figured out u are a liar and a selfish stupid so she just had a good time. you are not over your ex and you deserve her.good luck !-A

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