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I am about to graduate college with an engineering degree. My dad was killed last year. Now, I do everything around here, at college I have studies and a design project, CV building, giving/attending workshops, interviews, classes. At home I deal with a narcissistic and deflective mother who can't do anything on her own, whether it is chores, cleaning up, food, driving to places, groceries I do it all. My dad was building a house for us before he died, and now I have to see it finished, so I also deal with the contractor and get work done on the house. I don't ask for anything EVER because the world always disappoints and under-delivers, but somehow the world keeps asking everything from me. The phone keeps ringing every 5 mins with someone on the the other line wanting my help, or opinion. Can't sleep because people around me are a constant nag, demands demands demands is all I hear everyday whilst I make none of my own, with 4 hours of sleep per day, my health is deteriorating, and I can barely move. Whenever I tell people to let me breathe, they say "oh I feel you bro" and go right back to asking for help. My mother on the other hand thinks its fair since "it is a man's job to do all this". I can't just leave her like a dirt bag, she raised me. Feels like everyone expects me to do the work of 10 men. I have no idea what I am going to do after college, and when people ask me what I want to do after graduation, I want to punch them in their face. Haven't even mourned my father since his death because all of my shit*y relatives disowned me as soon as he died. Whenever his memories come back, I have to push them away to stop myself from tearing up. So I am practically alone without anyone to talk to. I feel dead inside. What is this? what is happening, it can't be this unfair, right?

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  • Sounds like this guy I know from Lebanon.... Very strange. Congrats on finishing school, that's a wonderful achievement! Family can be so demanding and it's hard not to give in when you feel obligated. Hang in there and don't be afraid to say no sometimes. And remember that someone is always there to listen, even if it's not the person you'd think of right away.

  • I hope you well. :)

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