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My boyfriend thinks that he's not good enough for me and basically puts me on a golden pedestal. Doesn't matter if he's not "as good looking" or supposedly not as smart. And tends to upset me sometimes by not always thinking things through and forgetting. But frankly my dear i don't give a damn. It's his Wimsey's and kindness that make me love him. i'm probably not good enough in the sense that i will never be able to measure up to his beautiful soul. i sincerely hope i never ever screw this relationship up.

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  • he is a really lucky person ... you are a very rare kind of person who appreciates when someone puts you on a golden pedestal ...thank you for giving me hope that maybe il find someone like you ...:) remember he is just as lucky as you are to have him.. .. just please dont take him for granted ...:) hope you too have a happy life ..

  • well done,,you know how to see people.the only you can do is love him and make him feel special and that he deserves you.

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