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I used to get bullied in middle school, but when I moved to a new town I decided to change that. I became the bully, I was the one who had one night stands with random girls then ignore them for days. I was feared and hated by ~90% of high school. It all changed my senior year ( this year) when I met the girl of my dreams. We hit it off great; we became best friends, I told her how I felt. Sadly she dated my cousins (yes multiple) and I was so upset I drank daily and went through cartons of cigarettes weekly. She saw I was destroying myself and she hasn't talked to me since.

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  • I know what you mean, but the way I see things is that it is now dominance is how you gain control. Even after high school I plan to have the upper hand in life.

  • from my experience i know that is better to be bullied than bully others.just defend yourself and you will see that this behaviour will have an impact on you and what people think for you.also bullied persons become tougher.

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