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My girlfriend just propose that after 1 year or so we get married, and i just lied to her saying why not im in , but the truth is im in love with these other girl, that i dont want to get married with my girlfriend, i know its wrong to lie at her but i cant abandon her just like that, shes a person who doesnt socialize a lot, her family is struggling, and she acts like a kid. I thought that i love her which i do but i the spark between me and her is vanishing slowly slowly. Im still with my girlfriend just because i pity her. I want to let her go when her family is in a better condition, she hangs out with more than just 2 friends of hers, and socializes more than ever. Actually i wouldn't mind at all if a guy likes her so much that persuades her to break up with me. We broke up once because she liked another guy and to tell you the truth i do regret fixing up with her again, after she noticed that she did the wrong thing.

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  • Let her go. Please.

  • you need to let her go. as a girl who has been on the other end of that situation, you would hurt her less by breaking up with her now. my ex stayed with me for over a month after he realized he wanted someone else, just cuz he felt bad and didnt want to hurt me. it hurt worse knowing that. i would have rather him break up with me earlier.

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