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I just whispered at a child to "sit the fuck down" at my job...I work at a pediatric dentist office.

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  • I`m not for any type of violence, but some kids need some tough education if their parents miserably fail at parenting. A friend of mine, also doctor, told me he had to physically hit a 9-year old boy who was on the operating table under local anesthesia because he wouldn`t stop moving his head (his body was imobilised by nurses) no matter how many times he asked him to stay still. Especially since he was supposed to use a scalpel on the boy`s throat. The mother of the kid threw a fucking tantrum because the doctor dared to hit her son. Maybe she would have preferred the doctor to cut his jugular... Either provide your kids with some education, or don`t be surprised when someone else educates them for you.

  • Well if that does the trick, then go for it ! Sometimes kids need a bit of rough nowadays ;)

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