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I am starting to think that I have a huge problem with drugs. I drink almost every weekend since i was 14... I smoked weed every single day and I do alot of LSD, coke and other shit whenever I can.. and now I cannot stay away from drugs. I even feel weird when I am not high. I tried to talk to my family about this but they don't believe me cause I just got kicked out from a boarding school cause I said a lot of lies like I was raped or that my life at home is horrible... I know it was a huge mistake to do that but now nobody believe me, my friends don't talk to me and my problem with drugs is really serious .... I am scared cause I am starting to think that the best thing to do it's to overdose on purpose. I feel hopeless.

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  • Go to rehab it will help you! Take a little break from your actual life and find some peace for yourself. Try out some sports it can help if your situation is not that bad. Just don't kill yourself, start a new life instead, be brave enough to try!

  • Dont kill yourself. That is the most stupid thing to do. Of what you are saying, you're still young. Just hang in there and try getting some help at a specialist in your problem, like rehab.

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