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I wish my parents were dead...they don't care about me, dont give me love and affection. We barely speek and when we do its about jobs and college, nothing more. But thats not the main reason i want them dead. Its because my mother would beat the shit out of me since i was a little girl. She even bite me sometimes. My father saw the whole thing and never did or say anything.

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  • Thaks guys for the support. Don't worry im not planning to kill them... Im now finishing college, and i will try to find a job, any job just to be able to get out of this house and be on my on.

  • I experienced the same thing, a little bit differently though. For my point of view, I think that you should let negative thoughts in your mind because they always drag you down. Start, thinking of how you can get out of there without conflict. Although they hurt you pretty bad, no good will come for revenge or else you'll be like them. Strive to be a better person than they wll were and you'll see how much better it will feel when you're on top and they were never able to achieve the same things as you

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