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I really can't stand my mom anymore, she can't move on with her past, my dad made a mistake 40 years ago and she forgave him, but really? every f*cking day there are times she will always nag my dad about it. or tell him she has trust issues and so on. Mother fathers sake, they're already 60+ , can't they live happily instead? I think it's much better if they separated ways back then, if I am not mistaken my dad is my mom's only bf then, so maybe she doesn't know how to get hurt or whatever, but it is really annoying and I can't tell them that.. or she'll kick me out or disowned me. Here comes the sad part part of my life, she's so strict with us (all my siblings) , I am the last 25 yrs. old, I didn't enjoy my life, can't go out with friends, basically all I can do is stay in the house,find a good job,then go home after the cycle continues, and obey her. She thinks that all men are like my dad, or all men are fools, maybe some but I still believe that there are good ones. I just don't know how to fix her, she's not even the type of person you can talk calmly, she'll shout at you immediately when she doesn't like what you said or slap you.

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  • 25 is too old for crazy mom shit. Move out yesterday!

  • move out jesus,u`re not a fucking kid nomore..

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