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A few months ago, my best friend died in a car accident. She was an anime fan, and a christen, so she wrote me a letter in case she died about how she needed me to pray-transmit the episodes to her in heaven. I personally wasn't into anime, and was an atheist, so i thought she was joking to make me feel better. A few weeks ago, I saw some picture of an anime she liked on Facebook, and heard her voice in my head say "You were supposed to tell me about it. Why not?" I have started the shows on the list, and after every episode I pray/meditate/whatever you want to call it. When I do it, it feels like she's still here.

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  • The only anime they get in heaven is the tentacle-rape kind.

  • You're a great friend, not many people would do something like this. You my friend deserve all the good in the world.

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