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i feel like i care and worry too much about people round me . i always help them whenever i see them struggling with sth, but then when im all fu**ed up , nobody ,not a single one of them even bothers to call me at all , they just ignore . I'm so sad , i cant believe it how can they do that to me?

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  • That's how I do it too. And that's what happens to me all the time. Don't let yourself feel bad or feel like you shouldn't have helped them just because they didn't. It's not easy put yourself out there with all your heart and feel used in the end, but you know what? you actually feel happy after helping others don't you? From my point of view that's the best king of therapy. I actually feel better after helping others and feeling like I have some kind of purpose here. And if I am sad about something and nobody will listen to way I say, I allow myself to cry ONCE. No more. Then I get my self back up, because we are who we are and even if sometimes we feel a little bit lonely there will be someone in the middle of the crowd who will recognize you for your qualities, specially kindness and a good heart. Keep doing what you do and believe that good things will come to you too :)

  • Ur not alone..

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