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It makes me sad when young people don´t believe in God.

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  • OUR SAVIOR IS REAL! I READ SOME COMMENTS BUT YOU SHOULD REALIZE THIS OUR SAVIOR GAVE US OUR FREEDOM! AND DECIDE FOR OURSELVES! HE DID LISTENED YOUR PRAYERS BUT I THINK THAT PERSON IT IS HER/HIS TIME TO LEAVE THE EARTH. EVERYTHING HAS A REASON WHY IT HAPPENED. IF YOU PRAYED SOMETHING BUT IT DIDN'T GRANT BECAUSE IT MAY BE THERE IS BIGGER THAN THAT. you don't still believe? it's up to you. we don't force people as what i've said earlier our savior gave us our freedom (in good way or in a bad way) well since youre not young anymore you should know what is good and what is right. Godbless guys

  • It makes me sad when God believers lure people that don't believe in God. U don't need to accept to respect!!! If u believe in Jesus it's like someone who's Buddhist forces u to believe in Buddha and think that it's sad that u don't believe in Buddha.

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