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It makes me sad when young people don´t believe in God.

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  • all the worlds religions. have wore people.down the powers.that be lie and. mislead and always have im not.saying there is no.God humans will kill each other in his name the god of. money.will pay one army to.fight our own army. in their drunken lust.for blood this nation will fight wars funding buth siides while they slaufgter citizens and blame it.on one god.and manipulate.and motivate the nation ro.the war path i. the name of god whos god only one god deserves a name how many churches think enough. of my lord to put his name on his temple ma y buildings qith methodist.Catholic Lutheran and so on are they gods.who is catholic.what did methodust ever do. hanging the graven image cake walks and bake sales softball and summer camp collecting money really is it any wonder why anyone belives in anything. these man made religions and their founders got it wrong. leading misleading confusing manipulate control but they love thier money what is a church with walmart or mcdonalds methodist everyone bow down to the bottom dollar we become cursed when we set up blocks dor our brothers to srumble keep the building close to the lump of mud in your akull. or wake up think of you as the temple the true god lives deep withen forever and believe in his promise of forever never doubt his love for your. put the name or the lord on your heart u can burn the building to the ground is just a matter of time he is parient yes but will bring it down he wont be on a donkey hungry tied or passive not this time believe him not the idols the church get smart get k knowledge have faith and trust only the only true king get strong and never let doubt enter your mind thank you for reading

  • OUR SAVIOR IS REAL! I READ SOME COMMENTS BUT YOU SHOULD REALIZE THIS OUR SAVIOR GAVE US OUR FREEDOM! AND DECIDE FOR OURSELVES! HE DID LISTENED YOUR PRAYERS BUT I THINK THAT PERSON IT IS HER/HIS TIME TO LEAVE THE EARTH. EVERYTHING HAS A REASON WHY IT HAPPENED. IF YOU PRAYED SOMETHING BUT IT DIDN'T GRANT BECAUSE IT MAY BE THERE IS BIGGER THAN THAT. you don't still believe? it's up to you. we don't force people as what i've said earlier our savior gave us our freedom (in good way or in a bad way) well since youre not young anymore you should know what is good and what is right. Godbless guys

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