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I have had insomnia since I was 11, ever since I knew I had it, I've changed. When I was 16 I became depressed due to my mother and father's unstable relationship. I'm now 19 and it's worse than ever. I'm studying physics in university and I'm constantly studying because I'm worried I'll get bad grades, my roommate constantly says she understands, but ironically she always tells me to 'be social' and 'get up and do something'. The only thing that keeps me going is my cat, the internet and coffee. I hope to move out soon and recover from depression, slowly but gradually. For now... I don't know what I'm doing with my life.

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  • Your roommate is right. Get up and do something! ...instead of crying like a bitch throughout the internet like everyone else.

  • Please go see a doctor, you aren't realizing the impact this has on your life because you have been living with it for so long. You don't realize how much of life you are missing out on. Living on your own might just make your depression worse. You need to speak to someone so that you can take control of your own life again. All of your symptoms can be treated but the underlying problem causing these symptoms also needs to be treated so that you can live

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