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I'm depressed because when I was younger my parents moved a lot (13 towns in 4 states by the time I was 18) and now I think of the people that were so special to me... Never think of me or even remember me.. It's hard to think that certain people that made your life worth living probably don't even remember you because you were only part of their live for such a small time.. And I can still remember everything about them

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  • ive been through the same situation, ive realized now that my life an feelings belong only to myself, so even though its sad to reallize you will never matter to them as much as they do to you, you can ither choose to be sad about it or be grateful that you actually got to know them for a while and that you are who you are thanks to them love can be unilateral, its hard sometimes but when its not romantic it can be totally handled.

  • This is totally normal. Having moved through 7 states and 4 different countries by 18, I remember all of my old friends but only 3 from my latest move actually stay in contact. I found it easier to just dislike them than be depressed about it.

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