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I miss having a dog. I don't mean a 'pet' dog, but a *real* companion - the dog who greets you at the door with a wet tongue and a waggy tail after a long hard day. The dog who loves you more than anything even when you hate yourself, who will get up and follow you literally *everywhere* even if you're walking from one end of the room to the other. Our current pet is my Mum's companion, so even though I love him, he has no eyes for everyone but her. I used to have a companion, but she died five years ago, and I still have a hole in my heart where she used to be. I'm going to university soon, and I really want to get a dog. I've had a lot of negative reactions to this, because people say it's impractical for a student to keep a dog in an apartment, but no one understands how lonely I feel. I don't make friends easily, I don't understand people and they don't understand me. I've always been great with dogs though, and I know I'll be able to look after one. Only problem is, no one else will let me.

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  • Some smaller breeds can do perfectly fine at an appartment, actually. Like every other dog, they'll also need their walks, .. etc. But I doubt that would be a problem to you, since you look like a real animal lover.

  • wait to see how it's at university, and then go and adopt a dog if you still feel like doing it.

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