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im feeling suicidal every night. i dont know why. everything that people do annoy me a lot. this is wrong. i hate myself

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  • This world can be hard to fit into, and sometimes no one makes you feel like you belong, but everyone belongs somewhere, you just haven't found it yet, when you do, you will know. So hang in there, it is easier said than done but, trust me, hang in there and you will find it. For now, create a world for yourself where things don't annoy you focus on what you enjoy, and through that your answer will come

  • honestly...my twin brother took his life and i plead with you not too....people may annoy you but that shouldnt make you feel suicidal...there is so much more to life than leaving this beautiful place i beg you to find happiness elsewhere; whether it be a book, a trip somewhere, a pet etc. life is a rollercoaster and if you are at the bottom of the drop ready to get off you're gonna miss the ride

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