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I went through alot of crap with my former bff i stood by her no matter what, helped her lazy ass through school by doing her assignments, babysit for her so she could have one night stands,then one day she just texts me that she think i bad mouth her which i had not done and never heard from her again been friends for over 10 years. Ironic part is i notice how better my life is and how i actually was suffering from the friendship and feel free and able to make my own choices in life no one second guessing me. She probably thinks that im sad about this or ashamed but i dont miss her selfish, controlling lazy behind not even a little bit. Man feels good to say it outloud

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  • Technically, you didn't say it out loud :3 And the reply above can go suck a dick :P

  • You suck. Your post is lame because you used no punctuation, capitalization, or attention to spelling. People who write like that are dweebs.

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