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When my boyfriend is in the shower I look at his phone. I know how horrible it is and wrong but I can't help it. I wish I wouldn't do it. Cause everytime I do I see the text conversations he has with another girl about going out for drinks and hanging out. But I can't say anything to him about it.

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  • Everyone is going to tell you that if you feel worried you should talk openly with your boyfriend about your feelings. My advice is the exact opposite. Whether he's just friends with the girl or seeing her on the side, he'll tell you he's just friends either way, but by talking to him about it you'll let him know you're suspicious which means he'll just get better at lying if he is cheating on you, and you won't ever know for sure. I think what you really have to decide is whether you are willing to risk losing your boyfriend's trust and possibly the relationship by continuing to check his phone, because obviously things won't go well if you get caught. Since your morals don't seem to be stopping you, if you do keep going, I think you'll find out soon enough how this girl feels about your boyfriend, and then you can put it behind you one way or another.

  • If you feel unsure of it then ask him about be but explain why your asking and if he say there is nothing more then friends, just leave it because he has friends who are girls does not mean he is cheating on you

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