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I am 21 years old but the bones in my back are 80 years old. It kills me when I hear my 5 year old niece tell the other children no to do something 'cause it could hurt me. And I absolutely hate how little I can do compared to someone else my age. Sometimes I need help getting up from the couch/chair and I feel like such a failure!

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  • When I was 19 I was rushed to the hospital with a possible bleeding brain.. I have had discosprolabse (dont know how to spell it) and now im walking and even feeling all old and ready to lay down for the last time.. But chin up mate.. Im 20 now, getting married in 2 months, and working full time, even though im scared to shit everyday.. just remember that age is a number and people who help you cares about you..

  • It's great to hear that your niece is so caring about you! I am unable to feel the pain but even imagining to have to suffer through that is horrible. I think we should organise an international society for such issues for people of similar age (and similar problem) to engage in less vigorous activities together! :) Cheer up!

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