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My best friend told me that he was in love with me, some friends before told me the same. I just can't believe them, I think they told me that because they secretly found my second twitter account where I anonymously tweet how much I hate myself. Maybe they told me the truth but I still thinking I'm the ugliest in the world.

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  • It probably took your friend a lot if guts to tell you he loves you and now you are going to devestate him and ruin his life . Just give him a chance

  • well... i'm the ugliest !!! fuck you !!! :D ! why don't you try try this love he confessed to you ? what's could go wrong since you are feeling so low about yourself... maybe love will be a good medecin ... of course if you wish to get out of this state of mind! you may think you'r the ugliest but even the ugliest is worth some good loving!

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