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I am 22 yo, still didn't know what I want. I can't decide anything for my own life. I'm scared of making decision. Now, I realised I have done nothing in my life. I never achieve or make something that I can be proud of. There's always something that keeps holding me back. Never been in love. Being shy and quiet probably the reason why I can never move forward. When I see other people happy, I just wonder how did they can be so free and happy. How I wish I can live my life to the fullest. The truth is I feel empty.

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  • This made me cry. To be honest, I'm feeling the same at 13. I've have some many plans for the future, but I can't achieve these goals because I'm not an adult yet :(

  • You really do have to learn to know and love yourself. Do what makes you passionate no matter what, you'll find people or they'll find you.

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