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My boyfriend of 5 years became sort of disgusting to me since I found his porn collection. We talked about it and he agreed to not store porn on his pc, because he knows how it affects me, but it didn't help. I know, problem is in me and i don't want to ruin our relationship, so i keep silent. But knowing that he still does it - killing me on the inside. I'm afraid that he thinks about those perfect women from internet, or his pretty coworkers when in bed with me. It's been 3 years since i found out.

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  • Don't listen to the men who say that all men watch porn. Of course a lot of them does, but not all of them. And it's perfectly normal to feel uncomfortable about it. Especially since he kept it on his computer, wich could be more disturbing. You should talk about it with him and try to get a solution, cause it has been more than two years now, that's kind of a problem that you can't solve yourself, obviously. Remember it's perfectly fine to feel bad about it, don't feel guilty because of all the guys who says that "all men do it and you have to get over it" :) You have done your best, and you don't have to feel guitly about it anymore, just try to talk to him :) (And again, I've been in relationships with men that watches or not porn, and always told them I was comfortable with that, and now my current bf had told me that he had never tried. And that he doesnt feel the need to, even though I told him that he could and wont bother me. - So I don't think he's lying - . So yeah, some men don't watch porn :) - and in fact I'm way more happier and confident now that I've found this rare guy :) )

  • If you're not comfortable with it, talk with him or leave him, keeping silent won't help. I find it very disturbing as much as you do, so I know how you feel.

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