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Weddings are so stressful. I'm getting married next year and my fiancé (who is Indian) and I have been planning and her parents are trying to push her into doing a traditional indian wedding. If that's what she wanted to do I wouldn't mind but she said she wants a normal wedding with close friends and family. Her older sister had a traditional wedding and it lasted 4 days but my fiancé wants hers to be a normal one day thing. Her parents are from Udupi India but all their children were born here. They don't speak english very well so it's hard to communicate with them. My fiancé is worried they won't attend if it's not how they want it.. It's so frustrating. I don't want to take my anger and frustration out on other people im so glad i found this app where i can vent and let it out

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  • dont be a cheap jerk and have a 4 days wedding.

  • Invite them, let them know you respect them and their religion, but you are in America ( I'm guessing ) and have come to enjoy the ways. If they can't respect that that your choice them that's on them, don't fold for them it's your day! 🌸

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