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It's called priorities folks! Get some common sence! I am so sick and tired of being called a bitch and dealing with snide comments from all my lazy ass neighbors. I get that we all live in low income, but the difference between you and I is this: You go out and buy at least a pack of smokes everyday you drink and party with the neighbors on the weekends. You choose to do weed, you choose to get coffee from a coffee shop daily and you choose to eat out twice a week. I do not smoke drink or do drugs I eat out once or twice a month with my kids I might purchase one coffee twice a week at most. I save, I am always saving and planning ahead. I think about what i want and I save for it sometimes for quiet awhile. I am tired of my neighbors bitching about me having all this money because I budget my expenses and I don't spend as foolishly as you. I live 2.5 hours away from niagara falls and about 3 hours from a zoo so I saved up to take my ex and our 3 kids to both those places ( I got one weekend off this summer so we did it all in one weekend) I saved for 4 months to take them. I am so tired of neighbors saying it must be so nice to have all that money. Guess what assholes you would to if you changed your priorities! You too could take you kids somewhere fun. I am tired of being called a bitch because I spent 3 hours filling up water balloons I think almost 700 of them and I said I wanted to do them with my kids. I have been collecting them for months, you could have too they are only $1.25 less than your daily coffee. I am tired of being called a bitch because I want to do something with just my kids. I am tired of my ex and myself having to always do shit because you are all to lazy and self absorbed to put down your beers and kick a soccer ball with your kids. Fuck off, grow up. I am a different type of parent than you, I know it's strange here to see an actual parent but hey doing shit with your kids on a daily basis is normal! Don't get me wrong we all deserve a beer or what every your favorite Indulgence is but enough is enough. I make min wage just like you asses do I just choose to spend it differently than you and if I only want to spend it on my kids that's not really all that crazy and it's not a bitch move. They say the people that live here live here for a reason. I am starting to see why.

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  • Be pround of yourself and your family. You are doing well and doong good.

  • Welcome to the republican party

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