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Happy to say I am no longer bulimic after struggling with it for 2 years. I feel great. I have learned how to maintain a balanced diet. I have completely cut out soda and am working on finding better juice alternatives as well as drinking lots of water. I give myself 2 cheat meals a week , 1 dessert and 1 main meal. I have managed to stay within a healthy weight range for my weight and height between 140lbs and 145lbs for 5 months now. I've never felt better. I finally feel good enough mentally and physically to start college. I literally feel on top of the world right now. Im at an all time high.

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  • I can only imagine the struggles you went through. I don't know you personally but this story touched my heart because I was bullied for being "too" skinny in high school. Congratulations to you and your new found strength and will to become healthy for yourself. Keep it up and you will go far.

  • Congratulation. I wish you all the joy and experiences that come with life and exploration!

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