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Do you know how it feels to be at death's door? Thrown there by people you trusted? My brothers hated me, my mother would constantly beat me and everyone at school wanted to kill me because I was Asian. I had no one and I've had many nights where I sat with a knife to my neck. Things are better now, but every now and then like tonight, I feel like stabbing myself in the neck. It's getting harder and harder to resist. It's been a long 23 years.

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  • I am 32 I can tell you it's not about to get any easier. Best thing to do is say fuck everyone and do what you want to make yourself happy. No one give a rats ass about how you feel only what they feel so fuck them and do the same!

  • I'm sorry you've had it so hard throughout your life. but you've said it yourself, it's been a long 23 years and you've always pulled through! you're a fighter!!! things will not always be easy and you might feel like giving up but remember that you've come so far already. it can and will only get better as you've already experienced. keep fighting and take care!!!

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