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So I'm watching this show and this woman had her kids taken from her and got serious jail time for having a whole ziploc bag of weed. A woman had her children taken from her, who she hasn't seen in forever, plus 4 years in jail for having ONE BAG of weed. But a Standford white boy who raped a girl behind a dumpster gets 3 months in jail and gets coddled by his mom. Okay America.

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  • weed smokers are junkies.. okey 4 years is excesive should be like communitie service and if she reincides 1 year.. but they should be punished.. and the guy who rape that girl should be given 10 years at least.

  • I don't support smoking weed, actually I hate it, nevertheless the punishment is ridiculous and not okay. In my opinion rapists (who have proof that they are actually rapists) deserve the death penalty

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