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USA doesn't have good pizza instead of it they have something called pizza hut

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  • I like Pizza Hut bc I've grown up with I guess and they're the only place that has stuffed crust. I have noticed that in the past few yrs that they've been a hit or miss tho generally I like them better than Dominos Little Ceasars (which used to be good idk what happened) I hate Cicis they replaced Say Cheese which was really good and cheap. I also don't like vocellis very much but other than that I love pizza a lot so I'm not too picky if it is a restaurant and not frozen. But when I can afford it I like to get the other places I like: one is Greek and other is New Jersey style. It def tastes homemade so it is really good every time but other than the price the only problem with it is it tends to be more fattening than Pizza Hut. I know it doesn't make any sense when it's less processed but that's how it is for me.

  • In America you get what you pay for. Sure you can be cheap and eat CiCi's, PizzaHut, or Little Ceasars.... But you're really just paying for pizza-shaped mouth rape. Seriously, you have to go to an actual restaurant (or pizzeria in this case) to get real food

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