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I think sometimes that the world would be better off without our kind, but then I see that a little spark in all of us. The need to impress, create and destroy things that we love or hold dear which we wish to protect. Basically what I am trying to get off my chest , is that there is great good and bad in the world. But i think it's only when you look completely at one side of the world we feel alone, cornered, unwanted or powerless. Then with the light side completely taking over, you become arrogant, prideful and ect. Lastly from all that I can say in my opinion is that us humans are being completely pulled between the light/order/peace and the dark/chaos/war which we want both in equal measure. We don't want a life completely peaceful and orderly because it would be boring their would be too much boredom and lack of change would cause religion/culture and music to become stagnant. Yet we don't want one completely filled with war and darkness because it becomes a violent and unhappy life where people usually take their own life. So between the world going stagnant from our order and us killing ourselves off it seems we are on this thin line that we must walk and if we stray from that line we either fall into savagery or ignorance to the world trials of life/survival. Just venting thoughts, that I can't in public.

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  • Awesome post! Glad someone else out there, thinks as I do.

  • may I ask what country you are from? :)

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