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most people have no clue how difficult it is to be attractive in so many different ways. it's ether my looks, my charm, my personality, my walk, my voice, my sexual prowess, my sense of humor, or my views on life in general. the messed up thing is that I don't like to draw attention to myself at all... I just have such a incredible way with words, and a very commanding voice that I make people talk notice. I do what I can to try and downplay my attractiveness because I'm not in a financial position to do what I want. but I'm soo good , in soo many ways and I can't be angry for people because they want to know every move I make or get mad with hate because they can't have me. if I was someone besides myself I would frustrate me too.

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  • Only somebody really ugly would need to try to fool this app that they are attractive

  • It's great to think have a good outlook on yourself. But you come a cross as a self asorbed and narcissistic to the point of being a truly ugly human being.

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