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need some honest and sensible advice PLEASE. I made a post a month or so ago after being told my step brother had died from overdosing on herion.. I have been staying at my grieving step moms since he died and she showed me his personal Journal's. .. she asked me to see if I was able to read them as his writing was messy and she couldn't make out what most of it said... now, I sat up all night... in his old room; reading his diaries. Man, he was so unhappy. He said things like : "I can never be happy again without herion" "If I stay sober, I am drowning in my depression" "If only I could find solace... with no consequences" and then I came to the last page he had written.. it was dated 3 days before his death.. He had planned this. It was suicide. These are the words that confirmed this: I can't do this any longer, I know I am weak and I know I will go to hell for this but it will be peaceful like falling asleep.. I won't be suffering any longer. My soul will remain lost and I will be floating over the graveyard where my corpse lays, searching for another lost soul" 3 days later.. herion overdose... after being clean for 8 months! My question I need to ask you guys is: Do I tell my step mother? She is already blaming herself enough and filled with guilt. But I know that if I had my 20 year old son overdose on herion.. I would want to know each and every detail. I would simply need to know. For closure and for peace. She's wondered if it was laced (bad batch) , if it was because he had such a long break.. And I don't think she has contemplated as much if it was suicide. It's been a week now since I have known the truth.. Would telling her help or do I need to keep my mouth shut until she discovers it herself?

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  • Personally... I don't know. I mean if she's constantly wondering why he overdosed or how, maybe knowing he wanted to end his suffering will give her closure even though it hurts. On the other hand, if she's already blaming herself and you don't think she can handle knowing that he wanted to die, maybe you shouldn't tell her... In any case, please find her a grief counselor. It isn't her fault and she shouldn't blame herself.

  • I think it's better you tell her, then she know she's not alone when in grief, that she has you.

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