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I hate my sister but not in a normal sibling rivalry kind of way. I hate her because she makes me feel as though the world would be a better place if I did not exist.

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  • Some sister never get along. My sister is similar to yours she has this I am better than you because I am educated and your not. But in reality she is a big part of why I didn't get to go to shool. We were always told our grandfather was paying for our schooling so we never saved. My sister is the oldest and when she went she changed her major 3 times in 5 years pissing off my grandfather. He refused to day for my brothers and mine and she ended up with HUGE debt. We can't talk for more than 5 minutes or its an all out brawl.

  • People say the meanest words to their closest.if your sister is deppressive and having lots of issues, it is normal that she unleashes all the hate and rage upon you.you should say that you are a human being also and you have your own issues that gives you hard time. Put yourself in her shoes.

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