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met a japanese girl on a penpal site. at first we only talked to improve each other in the language that we were interested in.( japanese for me and english for her) at first I only saw her as a good friend since she seemed kinda boring and the complete opposite of me but after a few months of talking we both got to the level where I think the language barrier broke. it was in that moment when I realised she was super interesting. I think I got too attached. idk what to do I kinda want to confess my feelings but in japanese culture its rude to do it if its not in person. And I dont want to make it akward either. there is a lot in my mind but I feel like if I dont say something I might regret it.

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  • Go for it. Worst she can say is no. How I did it? Flowers delivered to her house with a confession note from their version of 1-800-flowers. Although mine was Philippine/Chinese, but kinda similar set up. Married 8 years

  • Go to japan. What stops you?

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