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My brother smokes weed and takes pills, I hate him for it, he doors my care about anyone else but himslef. My dad passed away 3 years ago and just times like this if he was here then my brother wouldn't be doing things like this. My mum tells him constantly to stop and to stop smoking weed in our garden and he doesn't listen. She didn't know about the pills until I told her a couple weeks ago. It's not fair she shouldn't have to deal with a 17 year old boy who does all this especially with what she is going through now

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  • please don't hate your brother for this, he must be suffering too, but instead of talking it out he is running to the easiest way he thinks that will soothes his pain.. you and your mom need to talk to him and seek help for him, don't pressure him, he is like a cup of glasses, if you pressure it will breaks.. just stay by his side and try to make him understand that he got you by his side and that you will find a way together to fix his state, best of luck.

  • Pills will ruin your life, people are getting addicted so quickly and it takes them away from who they were so fast you will never know them again, speak to someone he needs help.

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