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One of my friends is really ugly and also a little weird; she is nerdy and tends to behave like a little kid, is often mean and a know-it-all despite being not the smartest. She is not aware of that, though, and whenever we go out as a group, she wonders why the guys are never after her but us others, she wonders why she's the only unkissed virgin (we are 25, so it's legit to not be) and always tells us how she would only date muscular model-type guys. Sometimes she gets so annoyingly arrogant with this that I want to blurt out how she really is and that she can't expect to get a bucket of gold for a bucket of mold. (Well I would phrase it better since she's a good friend nonetheless). But I don't because I don't want to destroy her illusion.

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  • That's fucked up, I'm all for honesty but jesus christ she needs to get some new friends who actually care about her. you just come off as an asshole.

  • if she's so awful why are you friends?

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