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Why can't i say that i'm attractive? People tell me i'm pretty, hot, cute etc all the time. But if i actually believe them or agree, then im a conceited bitch. (feel free to stop reading here). Another thing that bothers me is, it's so normal for girls who also know theyre gorgeous to call themselves or their friends trolls in a jokingly manner. Why cant we just be real with ourselves? I get the friends thing kinda, just to play around but the rest? i dont get it.

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  • It's all about context I say I am a very pretty or very beautiful woman all the time. No one calls arrogant or conceited.

  • Humans just don't like arrogant people. If someone went around talking about how smart they were to not very clever people you have to admit that that would be unkind, as it would make the less intelligent people feel terrible. That's applicable to appearance too, you can be content in knowing that you're fairly attractive but boasting will never get you anywhere.

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