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So There is this guy that I had crush on since the beginning of 1st year, since I can only see him from afar. But then we somehow get to know each other and become friends. But at around the end of 1st year he going out with my friend instead. I was hurt, sure specially this friend who become his gf know how I like him for so long. But well I tried to hide it so he won't notice and I'm still become a good friend with him. But well they only last for a few months :/ Around the 2nd year he went study aboard, everything is good and I also found another guy. But recently my old crush came back, and we've been hanging out sometimes as a good friend. He loves to annoy me so much like playfully punching me and stuff. Mostly I ignore him but today asked him "What's wrong with you? -_-" and he answer jokingly "I missed hurting you". lol I know he was joking but I can't help to think that back then he really did hurt me

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  • Have you tried buying a bottle of baby oil and jamming your whole fist up his ass. If your gonna hurt somebody, make 'em hurt real good

  • Or maybe he actually likes you? Guys (also females) tend to send mix emotions here and there.

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