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Had my very first kiss when i was 26 years old was waiting for someone whom i had strong feelings for, turned out he was a jerk who had a bet with his friends that he can make the stupid girl to fall for him then they can have a laugh about it , thanks god i didnt take things any further with him, but that totally shut me off to everybody, took me a while to get over that but i stayed cynical and untrusting till today, i shut down my feelings so i wont let down again, lately i opened up a little to another guy then i found out he s just bored and loves the attention from different girls, luckily my feelings are numb or else i wouldve get hurt all over again, it actually feels great to be alone single and not caring and not having any feelings

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  • Is the OP Brienne of Tarth?

  • personally as a guy thats not cool of him to do i might be 14 but i would never do that he a dick

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