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I've had a history teacher who had strong opinions on everything that ever happened, and would teach them as facts. For example she showed us documenaries on how the moon landing was fake or would make us take a test about the different politics in USA and Russia after WW2, and whenever someone wrote something that let USA look better that Russia, she would mark it as wrong and give a minus point. Today I wonder how much of what I was taught is true and what was just her opinion.

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  • there are MANY lecturers do such things in college. it is hard to tell history in objective way tho, but I know your teacher shouldnt teach you that way. But I think (s)he has told you a lesson that there are many kinds of people?lol

  • Yeah currently Putin is an asSholes but the difference between him and leaders of the past is he's not completely insane. If he was he probably would've had his ex wife killed and other people killed.

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