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i wanted to send a fake nude (a picture from the internet without face visible) to my boyfriend via snapchat as a joke. I photoshoped the nude girl into a selfie I have as facebook profile picture to make it look like I actually took it in my room and photographed it with a filter so it looked pretty legit. I'm new to snapchat, so I had trouble sending it. A few hours later I got some massages from friends asking me why the fuck I would post a nude of myself to my snapchat story. A lot of people I know have seen it... I kinda wanna die.

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  • Just tell the truth and say you photoshopped it. Show both of the original photos. Say it was just supposed to be a joke and you didn't mean to post it to your story.

  • bc you can! if they dont wanna see ot then they should look away

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